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About The Workshop

Computers are getting Smarter and Automation is Taking Over! Soon everyone of us will be influenced by Machine Learning in one or the other way.

Keeping this in mind, We've Designed a Workshop to get you started working hands-on with Machine Learning.

You will be introduced to different concepts associated with Machine Learning. You will learn to work hands-on with basic Machine Learning problems. You will also gain working knowledge of Python programming language.

By the end of the workshop you would've gained a solid foundation on the basics of Machine Learning with confidence required to take your journey further.

Schedule Details

The Workshop is spread over 2 days across multiple sessions

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    Introduction & Overview

    Introduction to the Workshop & Scope
    Machine Learning - The What, Why & Hows
    Theoretical Overview of Machine Learning Systems
    Supervised Learning & Unsupervised Learning
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    Installations & Preparations

    Installing Anaconda
    Installing Additional Python Libraries
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    Python Programming Essentials

    Introduction to Python
    Running Simple Python programs
    Variables, Lists & Tuples
    Conditional Statements & Loops
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    Lunch Break

    A Quick one hour break
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    Data - The Foundation of Machine Learning

    Data Collection & Preprocessing Overview
    Handling Null Values
    Date Types - Real Values / Categorical
    Feature Normalization / Standardisation
    Encoding Categorical Values
    Label Distribution & Class Imbalance
    Feature Corelation
    Feature engineering
    Feature Bucketization
  • End


    End of Day 1

  • Machine Learning Types


    Building Machine Learning Models

    Classification, Clustering & Regression
    Feature Selection
  • First Program


    First Touch - Building Your First Machine Learning Model

    Building a Regression Model
    Building a Classification Model
    Building a Clustering Model
  • Explore Algorithms


    Exploring Algorithms

    Support Vector Machine
    Decision Tree
    Random Forest
  • Lunch Break


    Lunch Break

    Short one hour break
  • Explore Algorithms


    Exploring Algorithms - Contd

    KNN - K Nearest Neighbours
    K Means
    Other Models
  • Case Study


    Case Study Walkthrough

    Discuss a Machine Learning Case Study
  • Discussion


    Future Directions

    Discussion on Post-Workshop Learning
  • End


    End of Workshop


Will be Anounced 2 Weeks Before the Workshop


Will be Anounced 2 Weeks Before the Workshop


Will be Anounced 2 Weeks Before the Workshop

Workshop Fee

The Workshop is available with a Promotional Fee Structure for a Limited Time till the end of December 2017. You would need to produce a Valid Student ID Card Issued by a Recognised Institution to Register under the Student Category.

Registration Form

Fill in the details below. Choose the location where you would like to attend the workshop and submit. We will get in touch with you and confirm your registrations.


We've put together a simple F.A.Q for those common questions. Got other questions not covered below?
Send us an email to ml(at)simplelabs.co.in

The last generation of computer programs were static for a major part (Everything including how they reacted was pre-programmed), the current and future generations of computer programs are changing rapidly trying to be smarter(Artificially Intelligent). Such programs(Machine Learning) are designed to scan huge amounts of data, find patterns, Learn and React based on those patterns. Google Maps, Facebook Ads, Amazon Suggested Products - These are all examples of machine learning at work.
While Machine Learning has been around for a long time, the huge amounts of data and computing power required had kept it away. However in the last 3-4 years, things have changed - Internet Reach has increased making it possible to collect vast quantities of data from diverse walks of life, Processing Powers of Computers have gone up making it possbile for large amounts of data to be processed easily. This has opened up a lot of possibilities and opportunities in Machine Learning. In the future a lot of jobs will be replaced by Automation powered by Machine Learning. Machine Learning Practioners will be sought after. So Learning Machine Learning will give you a great edge and improve your future prospects.
The workshop will first help you get a clear understanding of what machine learning is, and then, help you learn the basics, giving you a strong foundation to explore further on your own.
Anyone with basic programming knowledge, willingness to learn and a curiosity to ask questions can attend the workshop. No other qualifications required!
A Laptop in working condition. Linux or Windows - No Macs Please!
OS: Linux / Windows - [64 Bit Versions]
RAM: 4GB [Minimum]
Processor: Dual Core [Minimum]
Free Disk Space: 4GB [Minimum]
We will be working with Python and use various libraries for Data Handling / Machine Learning.

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Our Training Philosophy - Remember the time when you were learning to ride a bicycle? Someone ran behind you holding the bicycle seat and ensuring that you did not fall... and they ran till you learned to balance... and then you were on your own, joyfully cycling all alone and exploring new vistas.... Thats exactly what our training programs are designed to do, They ensure that you take the first steps learning the basics without falling (failing) and take you to a point where you are comfortable to explore further on your own.

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