Internet of Things - Hands-on Training Program

“Are you an engineering student worried about your placement?”

Increase your placement chances with hands-on IoT Skills!

Project Internship Program in Internet of Things - A Training program to take you from the basics of embedded systems to working hands-on with Internet of Things.

"The hand is the visible part of the brain"

- Immanuel Kant

Why us? What do we do?

Think of the day you got your admission

You were flying high. There was a hidden desire in you to create and engineer something. However once college started, You were disapponted - The curriculum had very little hands-on learning and there was no clear direction on how you can go about becoming that engineer you wanted to be. If the above sounds like you, Don't worry you are not alone.

Almost every student (including those with low scores! and lots of arrears) has a desire to build, to create, to add value - However, lacks the required guidance to get started. Now that's where we come in.

Our Project Internship Program in Internet of Things is designed with a singular focus to get you started, to give you the confidence required & to show you the directions to go out, explore and learn further on your own.

Let me give you an example, remember the time you learnt to ride a cycle? You had someone running behind you and holding you, giving you the confidence that you won't fall. And then you learnt to balance by yourself. Off you went exploring every nook and corner on your own. Now that someone running behind you is what our training programs are designed to be. They will hold you down from falling till you are comfortable to go out and learn by yourselves.


Project Internship Program in Internet of Things
What skills will you gain?

Digital / Analog IO's form the end layer of any Project. By the end of the course you will be a Master in programming these.

Datasheets hold critical information from manufacturers on how exactly a component has to be used. You will become a PRO in reading Datasheets. Anytime you get your hands on a new component, you will know what to do!

Our world is full of Sensors. Sensors are the backbone for all Automation. You will become the goto guy for figuring out what sensor to use and how to use it.

Interfaces are the gateway to Communication. You will become Fluent in working with different Communication Interfaces - Serial, SPI, I2C, IR.

IoT Protocols enable seamless communication in IoT Projects. You will have an expert level understanding on working with these.

Industry 4.0 is the new Industrial Revolutiuon. You will get conceptual clarity on how this works and will be able to leverage this knowledge in building IIoT (Industrial IoT) Projects.

What Students Say....

"Life Changing Experience! "

“One of the life changing experiences was at Simple Labs with Prakash. As the name, so the course with simplicity at its foundation. My love and passion for the field of embedded systems and robotics started with the mentoring of Prakash. He is one of the most approachable and friendly teacher you can ever get. I urge people to check out his courses for your life changing experiences.” 

"One of the Best Courses"
"Showed me the way"

"Attending this program was life changing to me. As a pure Mechanical Egg. student then, I had a huge haze blocking my view on Electrical and Software side of things. Prakash sir clearly unblocked me there and showed me in the simplest way how I can start integrating ME EE and SW. The classes were extremely hands on and I loved it. Highly recommend for all the curious minds out there."

Project Internship Program in Internet of Things
Day Wise Program Overview

Introduction to the Program & The Hardware. Working with Digital Inputs / Outputs

Understanding Resolution, Generating PWM Signals and Reading Analog Sensors

Communication Interfaces Overview. Working with I2C Interface Devices - Sensors

Interfacing with an I2C RTC by reading its datasheet. Working with an SPI Interface - Display

Communication Protocols Overview. Decoding Remote Control Signals

Build a Remote Cloner - Read a Remote Signal and Reproduce the Same.

IoT - Connecting to the Internet. IoT Protocols. IoT Architecture. Working with API's

Introduction to MQTT Protocol. Building a  IoT Project with Sensors across the Cloud using MQTT

Choose and Build a Complete IoT Project based on Learnings from All Previous Classes

A Suspense BONUS Project  - A Complete Walkthrough on How to Build it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will this be live or pre-recorded?

A mix of both. There will be a live session followed by a recorded session. The Live session will be used for introducing concepts and the recorded session will be used for coding walkthroughs. The Live session will happen on Zoom / Teams and the Recorded sessions will be available on our LMS platform.You will receive access to the same a week before the program starts.

What will be the session timing?

The Live sessions will start at 7 PM Everyday. The duration of the live sessions will vary depending upon interactions.

Will there be recordings of the live session available?

No, There won't be recordings of the live sessions. You are required to attend the Live sessions on time.

Can I download the recorded videos?

No, you can only watch them online. You will have access to the recordings for a period of 2 months from the date of completion of the Program

Would there be any certificate on completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion.

What are the pre-requisites?

Basic Programming Skills - 'C' or Python Programming learnt at school is sufficient.

How & when will I receive the kit?

The Kit will be sent by courier. The Kit will be sent such that you receive it 3 to 7 days before the  start date.

How Does the Lifetime Money Back Guarantee Work?

Well if you have not found value in the course, you can apply for a refund anytime during your LIFE. 

If you apply for a refund within 7 days of commencement of the program you will get a 100% refund on returning the kit. You will have to bear the cost of shipping the kit back to us.

If you apply for a refund beyond 7 days, you keep the kit, we deduct the kit cost and refund you the balance amount.

What should I do If I receive a faulty kit

Faulty kits will be replaced free of cost within 7 days of the commencement of the course. You will have to bear the cost of shipping the kit back to us.

Hello! I'm Prakash. I'm the Founder of Simple Labs. I will be Your Facilitator for the Program


A Passionate learner with an entrepreneurial mindset, a love for numbers, experimentation and the unknowns. 

I have been experimenting with Entrepreneurship for 20+ Years.

I Love Data, Books and A Good Ride in the Indian Himalaya

I Love to train - or rather facilitate the exploration of Ideas for those who are looking to learn.  If you remember how you learnt to cycle - you had someone running behind you and holding you till you found your balance (then you went exploring on your own!) - Now thats Me and the kind of facilitation I do

Check my LinkedIn Page to know more -

Project Internship Program
Internet of Things

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